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International Women’s Day 2018

Funny women, sensual women, suicidal women, joyful women, sassy, screwball women, protesting, politically engaged and annoyed women, musical women, modernist and modernising women, originators and original women. One day after International Women’s Day (March 8) and 90 years after all women over the age of 21 were allowed to vote, I, in my DJ Hybridist guise will share my selection of the strength of the female voice with the host of Wavelength, William English and his listeners: Yoko Ono, Mary Wollstencraft, Mary Shelley, PJ Harvey, Virginia Woolf, Angela Davis, Anne Sexton, Jean Rhys, Aretha Franklin, Dorothy Parker, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Little Axe, Nina Simone, M.I.A

You can find the programme here:

Word Projections screening at The Poetry Society

Word Projections

Film screening at the Poetry Society
22 Betterton Street, London WC2H 9BX
Saturday December 2, 2017 2.30-4.30pm
Free entry

‘Limbo’ Sandra Cross
Between a film and a journal
Part One
60 minutes
Colour with sound DVD 2017













a lament on loss

Ten years of writing about and visiting her Mother who had ‘Probable Alzheimer’s’
resulted in a 2,000 page journal and a four-day reading. In this hybrid film-journal
we hear Sandra’s voice overlay the weekly train journey from London-Leicester as
she reads the first extract written in 2006.

‘A landscape haunts as intense as opium’
Stephane Mallarme 1888

From Limbo, the journal:

‘I see her face reflected in the wing mirror. All of the harsh observations I have
made and will continue to make, are swept away as I see her face go through a
series of gentle transformations from sad and lost to hopeful as the sun warms her skin.’

Comes in
breathing changes
races through her
whole body
wracking it with
disbelief at
where she is
the loss
the cries rise up
out of her
quaking body like
A moment
fraction of
time known only to
changes everything
and she
It’s over
for now’

Winder Still_1


‘Winder’ Gerry Smith
Colour plus sound DVD 2011
15 minutes

A film inspired by Paolo Uccello’s painting ‘The Battle of San Romano’ 1440
a work depicting part of the battle fought between Florence and Siena in 1432
which in turn inspired Gregory Corso’s poem ‘Uccello’ from his collection
‘Gasoline 1967.

A young girl reads from Corso’s poem:


‘They will never die on that battlefield
nor the shade or wolves recruit their hoard like brides of
wheat on all horizons waiting there to consume battle’s end
There will be no dead to tighten their loose bellies
no heap of starched horses to redsmash their bright eyes
or advance their eat of dead
They would rather hungersulk with mad tongues
than believe that in that field no man dies’

‘Chest Freezer’ William English
16 mm colour film plus sound
25 minutes
Out-takes from ‘Heated Gloves’ 2015
Footage dates from 1980-1990

Chest Freezer


A portrait of Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals Retired)
A record of Maurice’s telephone conversation between him and someone
offering him a chest freezer.



Limbo on Resonance 104.4 FM

Listen to me talking about my journal ‘Limbo’ and recordings with William English on his programme ‘Wavelength’. The programme was broadcast on 28 July 2017 and can be heard via:

Limbo is a journal written over a period of ten years, consisting of diary-like entries written after a weekly or bi-weekly visit from London-Leicester to visit my Mother. The 10 year journal amounts to 2,000 pages or 4 days worth of readings.

The repeated journeys, repetition of each visit, together with the movement from city to city, gave the work an ‘engine’ a dynamism. I wanted to retain this as a one-take experience. The text was written up from notes written on each visit, but there was no embellishment, changing, working on the text or what I can ‘baroquifying’. The text needed to be plain and true. The text which I subsequently recorded is read warts and all, all faults. Writing up the journal in a rush as close to the experience as possible is what I wanted. So there are grammatical errors, tense, etcetera, but these are part of that rushed lived exeperience. When I first started the journal, I wrote up the notes as quickly as I could, as I needed to remember as much as I could, what had happened, what was happening. It’s raw and hopefully true. Now, several years later, I wanted to reenergise the text which has led to me reading in environments associated with the visits ie on the train, on both St Pancras and Leicester stations and at the Curve theatre in Leicester. Taking the work back home to its roots as it were. In this way, the journal is brought back home making Limbo as much about place as time. The public environment with its ambient sounds reduces the content of the journal from being too personal and, instead of recording in a quiet, dead space, reading in a more public renvironment gives the work more life. There is something sad and strange about revisiting, by reading, events which took place some years earlier too. There’s a strange psychology to this. The repetition. The insistence on revisiting. Of reading something that happened before. Reading made me realise several things including just how skilled actors are. The voice is something which needs proper training and exercising. I discovered how exhausting it is to read and read…

Linear Obsessional

Linear Obsessional Live at The Arts Cafe, January 8, 2017

Experimental Music and visuals in a park in Lewisham with…
Legendary late 90’s audio/visual group
play their first gig for 15 years! Phil Durrant,
Kev Hopper and Richard Sanderson (Music)
Rob Flint – (Live Video) Something of an event!

Japanese vocalist, improviser and electronics user Atsuko Kamura’s extraordinary solo project, in which the ex Frank Chickens member uses mutated voices, eco-fabulism and agit-femme chansons to create a
cabaret from another planet. Not to be missed. NEW ALBUM OUT NOW on Linear Obsessional Recordings

Independent filmmaker and broadcaster (“Wavelength” on Resonance FM since 2005) William English presents a short programme of his own thoughtful and unique films including ‘What Did You Eat Today’ made with Sandra Cross and featuring Hugh de la Cruz. The first in the WDYET series.

Classical guitarist Horlock and violinist Megan Bishop play
Astor Piazzolla’s “Café 1930” and Aaron plays music by
Cuban avant-gardist Leo Brouwer

The Catford dadaist ,outsider artist and audio collagist presents a new text piece. Possibly expect menus, local government pamphlets trash novels, random cut-ups. Expect nothing.

Wavelength/Resonance Fundraiser

The Wavelength Roadshow: a benefit for Resonance FM starring Bob Parks & The Bloomsbury Group

The Wavelength Roadshow is a special live outing by Resonance FM’s long-running ‘Programme of multiple agendas’ hosted by broadcaster, film-maker (Heated Gloves) and bookseller William English. As part of Resonance’s Annual Fundraiser, which runs all this week, the Roadshow stars cult performance artist Bob Parks (subject of BBC Four’s extraordinary The R & B Feeling) performing with his conceptual R & B band The Bloomsbury Group. Special guests are Adham Fisher, extreme commuter and stand up DJ; David Leister, film-maker extraordinaire, presenting his movie ‘Blinder’, with slideshow by DJ Hybridist. Out-takes of ‘Heated Gloves’ (featuring the late Captain Maurice Seddon) presented by William English. Voodoo ritual by Bob Parks.

At Kansas Smitty’s Jazz Bar, 63-65 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH, Monday 13 February 2017 at 7pm, £10


‘Limbo’ seen on the left-hand wall at StudionAme


Long view of ‘Limbo’ at StudionAme

Summer Art Trail 2016 is a ten-day (August 20-29) contemporary visual arts festival, a vibrant programme of exhibitions, residencies, performances, music and family workshops. Part of the City Festival which celebrates Leicester in the heart of the City for ten days.
The Trail is orchestrated by Silver Vine Arts, a non-profit, artist led, community interest organisation.

I was lucky enough to have two works chosen for this year’s Summer Art Trail.
‘Limbo’ a large colour photograph showing at StudionAme,2 Broughton Street, Leicester.
‘Limbo’ is a largely text-based work featuring a ten year journal, supported by film, photographs, sound and various artefacts. The subject is my Mother, ‘Probable Alzheimer’s’, loss of memory, time and place.

‘Leaving’ trio of light boxes, chronicles the unintentional choreography of mass movement represented by the ubiquitous bag on wheels. A symbol of restless coming and going. A current form of mass observation.
The light boxes can be seen in the window of the LCB Depot’s LightBox Gallery 31 Rutland Street, Leicester.




LightBox Gallery at LCB Depot

William photographing ‘Leaving’ light boxes

‘Leaving’ light boxes in window at LCB”s LightBox with shadows of me and buildings behind


Sailors’ Diet

Collage by Sandra Cross showing a Sailors’ Diet in 1615 and a suggested diet for all, circa early 21st century

Sailors’ Diet