Sandra Cross


Mind Travels on Resonance Radio May 15 2020 2.30pm


The past is a foreign country they do things differently there. The opening lines in L P Hartley’s book The Go-Between resonate now that we are in lockdown as we struggle to recall how life used to be. Our memories now, more than ever, precious examples of the way we were and may never be again.

In Mind Travels, I read from postcards sent to me over a period of years by my parents. The holidays they took long gone mementos of their pleasure in the world sent from countries recently overwhelmed by the current plague.

Interspersed are recordings of people playing their favourite tunes on the pianos at St Pancras International accompanied by the hustle and bustle of travellers, train announcements to destinations such as Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Corby and the City of Light, Paris. Reminders of the life now stationary.

With thanks to the St Pancras pianists and William English for producing this programme.

To listen to the programme, go to Resonance FM choose Programmes choose Wavelength click on Mixcloud choose Mind Travels 15 May 2020

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