Sandra Cross


The Project/exhibit

 Limbo: An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution: an intermediate state or condition. State of neglect or oblivion. Waiting for people to decide what to do.

‘Limbo’ is largely a journal, on-going since 2006, in which I describe my Mother’s life after the death of her husband, my Father. My Mother’s grief is coupled with a diagnosis of  ‘probable Alzheimer’s. Her story, and mine, is told through texts, photographs and film.

For the exhibition, ‘War’ at the Danielle Arnaud Gallery in July 2011, I extrapolated elements from the larger journal, combining these with photographs depicting the effects of Prurigo Nodularis, an extreme inflammatory skin condition which afflicted my Mother.

This condition was extremely resilent and unbearably irritating and seemed to  have been borne in the period of my Father’s death. The images of my Mother’s back are for me, visual representations of her extreme sorrow.

My piece for ‘War’ I entitled ‘Raw’ . I felt that my Mother had been at war with herself and others all her life, her emotions almost overwhelming. My Father had, with great compassion and deep love, helped her manage. Now she was alone. Lost. In limbo.

Limbo war invite 1

Limbo war invite 21

Invitation to ‘War’ curated by Gerry Smith for the Danielle Arnaud Gallery, July 2011

Limbo war quote

A quote from my Mother from ‘Limbo’

Limbo war clothing

Gone x 2

Limbo war back 5

Limbo war back 5

Limbo war back 4

From ‘War’/’Raw’

Sorrow x 3
All images and text: Sandra Cross, 2006-

'Limbo' at Bishop Street

‘For M’ limited edition print

Stills from ‘Anonymous’ a film by William English

The Gallery at LCB

Gerry resting after installation

Some out-takes from the journal ‘Limbo’

‘Sands of Time’ the weeds which grew in my Mother’s garden

‘Father Time’ Grandfather’s Grandfather clock mounted on A0 photographic print

‘The Lonely Tree’ print mounted on A0 photographic print

‘Teddy in Chains’ chains, keyrings, keys, teddy bears

‘Year after Year’ A0 photographic print with ‘Home Care’ play spoken by Sandra Cross attached

Gallery view of the “Whirligig of Time’

‘Day In and Day Out’ A0 photographic print

‘Morning Noon and Night’ A0 photographic print

‘Evening’ A0 photographic print

Images from the ‘Whirligig of Time’ series of twin colour photographic card mounted prints

Close-up from ‘Sands of Time’

‘Home Care’ a recording read by Sandra Cross and broadcast on William English’s programme ‘Wavelength’ William English (click on Radio choose 2014 ‘Home Care’ 18th July 2014)